Here are some projects I am currently working on:

GroundTruth (wireframes, expert interface video demo, HCI Consortium Conference ’18 poster)

GroundTruth is a web-based crowdsourcing tool that I’ve helped develop over the past year that enables journalists to quickly geolocate images by searching satellite imagery with the help of crowd workers from Amazon Mechanical Turk.

CrowdTruth (wireframes)

CrowdTruth is a community-oriented site that helps crowds debunk fake news, while promoting organized, efficient, and evidence-based dialogue around various news topics. In the future, CrowdTruth will include a set of modules to train people in improving their evaluative, investigative, and argumentation skills.

Here are some projects I have worked on in the past:

Blacksburg Transit (data elicitation, high fidelity prototype, UX inspection & evaluation, final presentation)

We performed a contextual inquiry and usability evaluation of Blacksburg Transit iOS application followed by the design and evaluation of prototypes using existing media. We also introduced several new features based on user research.

Visualizing Inter– and Intra–Journal Citation Networks (data analysis, graph visualization)

We wanted to understand citation networks between and within journals indexed by Scopus. To do this, we scraped 67,000 citations and created visualizations to show how citations flowed between journals and within them. This resulted in the publication of a paper in Scientometrics. See pages 31-34 for the citation graphs (Arxiv link here).

Patchwork (research paperpaper prototype video demo)

We formulated the design of Patchwork, a social networking site that aims to support social engagement and a sense of relatedness by incrementally building a network of photos and actively avoids introducing the negative side-effects of today’s social networking services. The final product was a paper prototype that carefully melds the models, theories and frameworks presented in three HCI monographs and a research paper that summarizes our findings.