Here’s more about me now (inspired by Tim Gorichanaz and Derek Sivers).

Location: I moved to Arlington, VA from Blacksburg, VA in June of 2018 – move #17 so far! Previously, I’ve lived in Bangalore, India; Ellington, CT;  Bridgetown, Barbados; and several other places. You can usually find me at the VT Research Center in Arlington, or at one of the various museums around the National Mall in DC. Come say hi if you’re in the DMV!

Research: I’m currently conducting two studies around GroundTruth, a web-based crowdsourcing tool that I’ve helped develop over the past year that enables journalists to quickly geolocate images by searching satellite imagery with the help of crowd workers from Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The qualitative study I’m conducting seeks to answer how GroundTruth fits into journalists’ real-world practice, whether (and when) they trust crowd feedback, and how it can benefit their work. However – and prior work has shown this – I believe that not all crowd workers are equally adept at all tasks. Thus, in a second study I am trying to experimentally test to see if some crowd workers are better than others at geographic crowd work and determine what factors (such as density and distance-based localness) affect how successful these workers are.

Reading: People who have seen me using my web browser can attest to the sheer number of tabs that I have open at any given point of time. More often than not, they’re articles on Medium or papers I’m currently reading. I’ve been actively trying to read literature that is much more substantial (i.e. books). Most recently, I’ve finished The Slow Professor and The Design of Everyday Things.

Biking: In earnest and with hopes of making the most of the summer before winter arrives, I bought a wonderful hybrid bike that I commute to work on, as well as to explore Arlington’s numerous trails. I’ve clocked ~175 miles on it so far.